April 6, 2019 | Boston, MA
About the conference
Interventions: Narrative is Scout’s second annual design conference at Northeastern University. We bring together designers and creative thinkers to explore how we create, own, and maintain narratives in our work that have inevitable effects on society. From pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums to using design to advocate for women in STEM – everyone in attendance will walk away with new perspectives on the role they play as an influential storyteller and activist through design.

Interventions is Scout's annual design conference, put on by Northeastern's student-led design studio. We work to foster the creative community on campus and through Interventions, start a dialogue centered around student-led design in Boston.

The inaugural Interventions was held in April 2018 where we hosted speakers from 14 companies including Airbnb, Github, Monotype. Attendees included students from 27 different schools, as well as professionals from across the country! 🎉 We're excited to do it all again in April 2019, this time focusing on the theme of narrative.

Whether you’re a professional or a student (both are welcome!), Interventions will offer the opportunity to think critically about the ways that design creates conversation and tells stories in every phase of a project’s life. The day will focus on a series of interdisciplinary topics that aren’t just focused on design in the traditional sense but also journalism, data visualization, and technology among others.

Tickets will go on sale early this spring – to be the first to know, keep in touch via email and by RSVPing on Facebook!

Drop us a line at [email protected]!