April 10th, 2021
Inspiring social change
Interventions: Disrupt is a showcase of design thinking as a driving force for social change. Our conference unites design-thinking leaders across industries and disciplines to explore design's role in creating spaces of inclusion, activism, and community. With a series of presentations, panels, and workshops, our speakers share what inspires them to remain steadfastly committed to positive change in the face of an uncertain world.
Past interventions

Interventions is Scout’s annual design conference connecting creative thinkers across disciplines and industries who are intervening in design. In past years, we’ve considered the consequences of design interventions, explored design narratives and featured design-thinkers who forge new paths that inspire the world.

As Northeastern University's only student-led design organization, Scout works to foster the design community of Northeastern through client work, speaker series, interactive workshops, and design conferences.

Meet our speakers
We’re incredibly excited to showcase these design-thinkers, creatives, and community leaders to explore the crucial role design plays in social change.
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Stay tuned!
stay tuned!
Purchasing tickets

Tickets will be soon be available until the day of the event. Sign up for more information coming soon and join the driving force of social change through design.

Going virtual

Interventions: Disrupt will be a virtual conference, delivered through an online live conferencing platform. We aim to bring an interactive, inclusive, and valuable experience to the online-world for our attendees and speakers. More information about the schedule, conferencing platform, and how to access will be coming soon.

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If you have any inquiries, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon!

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Our sponsors
Coming soon. Thank you for helping us explore design's role in creating spaces of inclusion, activism, and community! Photography courtesy of Gus Mueller.
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